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  • For 70 years American citizens have known what foreign governments are up to in Washington: it’s about time we caught up in the UK. Read on>
  • In Belarus, the freedom of the internet is as stake
  • Why is the local government association spinning against freedom of information?
  • WHEN THE reactor at Unit 4 of the V. I. Lenin Atomic Power Station, Chernobyl, exploded twenty-five years ago, the people of Belarus were sacrificed by a secretive political system. Read on>
  • Without increased pressure from the US and UK, the apparatus of Burma’s military dictatorship will continue to exist. Read on>

open government

President Obama: failing on open government

From America to Azerbaijan, leaders have pledged themselves to a new era of openness and transparency to aid public service reform, undermine corruption and increase citizen engagement. So why are whistleblowers and journalists still punished?

Young people in Lewisham

Young people in Lewisham

The Young People in Lewisham report was commissioned by the Labour Group as part of our ongoing policy review. Lewisham is one of the most innovative Councils in the UK in its work with young people. This report aims to build on our radicalism.

Blair in Kazakhstan

Tony Blair and President Nursultan Nazarbayev

Why is Tony Blair lending credibility to Kazakhstan’s dictator? was originally published in the Daily Telegraph. The former Labour PM has betrayed his own foreign policy by working for the authoritarian President of Kazakhstan.