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Election 2010

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From SpoonFed Comedy:

Finally, the election campaign is nearly over. No more sleazy headlines, billboards, slogans, television debate analysis or hysteria over the word ‘bigot’. No more Peppa Pig (seriously, whose idea was it to involve a cartoon pig in the election?).

You’ve registered, you’ve cast your vote and now all that’s left is the waiting game. And what a slow, dull waiting game it is. Pie charts, swingometers, David Dimbleby in high def. It’s not really worth staying up to the crack of dawn is it? It’s lucky then that political campaigner and events organiser Becky Luff has come up with a much better alternative.

Teaming up with climate activist and musician Deborah Grayson and human rights lobbyist Mike Harris, Becky is organising a special election night comedy marathon at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. The nine hour gig will featuring live performances from some of the best comics on the circuit, video link-ups with parties across the country, an all-night bar, DJs, dancing and full TV coverage of the results.

“The first few hours will be stand-up and music and then at around midnight when the results start to come in we’ll be focusing more on coverage”, said Becky. “We’ve got Robin Ince and Martin White coming down with Thom Tuck (The Penny Dreadfuls) and Terry Saunders hosting. Sara Pascoe, Tom Allen and Guardian columnist Ben Goldacre will also be there and at about 4am we’ll be linking up to Josie Long who’s currently in New Zealand for their comedy festival. We’re also using Skype to chat to mind-reading comic Chris Cox in Australia. Hopefully he’ll be using some of his powers to predict the results.”

As well as hearing amusing commentaries from comedians across the world, there will be live links to politicians waiting for the results and apperances from campaign pundits giving their take on the elelction so far. Downstairs, DJs will be playing a special election-themed playlist and there will even be an ‘Outrage Rooom’ where people can watch Sky news results as they come in and get appropriately hot and bothered.

The Working Men’s Club doors open at 8pm and the performances are due to start at 10pm. There’s plenty of entertainment organised to fuel the party too (apart from the all-night bar) with scavenger hunts, competitions and tasks for the audience to keep everyone going till the early hours.

You can also order in your own takeaway, make some electoral bets with the BGWMC’s very own Tic Tac man and get some issues off your chest in Speaker’s Corner. For any troopers still there at 6am, Becky will be taking a team down to Westminster to welcome in the new government.

So hung parliament, schmung parliament. Whatever happens, at least you can have a bloody good laugh at the outcome.

Tickets are £8 in advance and £5 after 2am.