London CryptoParty, Free Word Centre, 11 February 2014

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The Don’t Spy On Us campaign is a coalition of the most influential organisations who defend privacy, free expression and digital rights in the UK and in Europe. We’ve come together to fight back against the system of unfettered mass state surveillance that Edward Snowden has exposed. Right now, the UK’s intelligence services are conducting mass surveillance that violates internet user’s privacy and chills free speech. The impact globally may be more profound. If democracies turn a blind eye to mass surveillance, dictatorships will build ever more dystopian surveillance programmes to shut down the space for democratic activism, civil society and internet freedom.

The campaign kicks off on the 11 February with a CryptoParty to show you how you can protect your personal security and privacy. This event is FREE with a bar, live demonstrations and some big hitting guest speakers!

The evening is hosted by English PEN in association with Open Rights Group.

To sign up enter your details above or go to the ORG meetup page here.

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