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How to use a Raspberry Pi as a web server

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Two sets of simple to follow instructions to turn a Raspberry PI into a web server from Instructables and WikiHow. The total power consumption for a Raspberry Pi over the course of a year is roughly £3.50 (400 milliamps per hour), so it’s ecologically friendly too.

Other uses for a Raspberry Pi include:

A Minecraft server.

An OpenVPN (from Remi Bergsma’s blog) or private VPN – perfect to create a secure connection to the internet from a non-secure location (let’s say, Azerbaijan).

A BitTorrent server.

A web cam server.

A personal cloud. And here is an interesting file storage idea.

PingBin has some more outlandish ideas too.

Or, you could even send your Raspberry Pi into space.

Raspberry Pi in space

I love Quidco